Kitchen Remodeling San Antonio, TX

Kitchen Remodeling

If you are ready to remodel your kitchen in San Antonio call Rolando’s Flooring today. We have been offering warehouse pricing for over 25 years. We buy in bulk and pass the saving on to you. Shop with confidence and save money with our kitchen remodeling packages.

Why Choose Us

Rolando’s $uper Flooring Warehouse has been serving South Texas since 1996 specializing in great prices and service to our customers. We have customers ranging from realtors to builders, homeowners to landlords, remoldelers to commercial builders and investors, all of whom know we can deliver great products at affordable pricing.

We are located at 4407 S. Pan Am Expressway, Ste 112, San Antonio, TX 78225 in a large 6300 square foot warehouse. We invite you to contact us or stop by at your convenience to shop our large selections.

We will not only help you find your perfect floor, we will also load it for you.


Our Customer Say

We appreciate our customers and they appreciate us. Save money with confidence.

Great price and great service
Jaime Goularte
Fast service, lots of selections. Gives a discount if you pay by cash.
Irma Tamez